The Vdokhnoveniye Children Choir (Moscow, Russia)

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Artistic director and conductor – Elena Atlas

Piano accompanists – Vera Kornienko 

The members of Тhe Vdokhnoveniye (which means «inspiration») choir are senior pupils of the 96th Children Music School. The Moscow-based concert ensemble has been performing since 1996.

Special attention in the choir’s repertoire is paid to Russian sacred music. The singers have received awards of the Youth Festivals of Russian Orthodox Church singing. The choir participates in Divine Mass in various Russian orthodox temples.

The concert set of Тhe Vdokhnoveniye choir consists of Russian and Western classical music. Dressed in Russian national costumes the children sing folk songs with elements of Russian dances and play Russian national musical instruments. The works of modern composers are also included in the choir’s repertoire.

The choir has been awarded diplomas of the laureates and numerous prizes at International contests and festivals in Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The singers have performed at the biggest Moscow venues: the Conservatory Big Concert Hall and Rachmaninov Concert Hall, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Poklonnaya Gora, the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, the International House of Music, the Central House of Composers, the Culture Fund, etc.

The choir has performed together with the Russian Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra, the Central Military Band of the Russian Ministry of Defence and the Ivanov Brothers Symphojazz, the State Wind Orchestra of Russia, The Nikolayev Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia, the Smolensk Chamber Orchestra.

Тhe Vdokhnoveniye choir is a participant of The programs of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation.

The Vdokhnoveniye toured Saint-Petersburg and dozens of other Russian cities, as well as Ukraine and Belarus, also enjoying a warm welcome in European countries.

You can download the songs choir performances here:

Contacts: Elena Atlas
Tel: +7 (916) 292-65-62, +7 (495) 443-15-35